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New Scoring System @ IRH

LiveTime is a revolutionary scoring system for radio controlled car racing. It was developed by the same people behind LiveRC; people who are both passionate and knowledgeable about this industry. We have over 15 years of experience running races from around the world using various scoring systems, and this experience has been used to develop what we feel is the most powerful, yet intuitive scoring system on the market.


LiveTime is building a global driver database that is powered by LiveRC. Any driver will be able to make a racer profile online to define their name, nickname, transponders, classes, sponsors, etc. When they go to your track, they simply give you their short ID number. Once you enter that it, their profile is immediately downloaded into your system and you have all their info pre-populated. This makes life easier for the race director and lets drivers track their stats throughout their racing career. Additionally, we have defined numerous popular racing classes as “global classes.” When you create a class in LiveTime, you can link it to a global class. This will allow drivers to track their stats by class from various tracks. For example, if you link “Mod Buggy” to the global “2WD Modified Buggy” class, a driver can see all of his results in “2WD Modified Buggy” from various facilities, irregardless of what the individual facility calls the class (Mod Buggy, Modified Buggy, 2WD Mod, etc).